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Artistic Thinking of Law

Author: YANG Rongkuan. This book focuses on discussing the art of law, connecting law with art, and trying to open a path to the "beauty of law". In the past, people focused more on the legal text itself and paid more attention to the interpretation and language of legal provisions. In this way, the broad and living legal life was narrowed and static. The world is pluralistic and dynamic, and the law is not pure rationality. It is not necessary to blindly adhere to the high and cold temperament and excessively pursue the technical expression of written law. Instead, it is a constraint on the law. The essence of law is the process of understanding the essence and laws of legal facts. When deciding difficult cases, judges should comprehensively apply various methodologies such as "logic, history, custom and sociology" to establish a strict reasoning system, and their own sensibility and rationality cannot be completely separated. The law needs to pay attention to practice and solve problems. Its greatest function lies in guidance. With the help of rigorous logical thinking, it can be expressed in appropriate emotional words. With the addition of such elements as "values, ideology, philosophical thinking, cross-border multi-dimensional investigation, and bottom logic", it will be easier to realize the rationality of legal practice. The pure division and barrier of legal departments are exactly the obstacles and defects of legal development.

Dimensions of Environmental Protection Law

Author: YANG Rongkuan. This book is divided into five chapters: philosophical basis, rule expression, practical rationality, order character and mission addition of environmental protection law. This book has a unique understanding and observation of the frontier issues of environmental protection law in judicial practice, including environmental public interest litigation, the legal interests of environmental criminal crime, the effectiveness of pollutant discharge permit system, the participation of third parties in mediation in environmental criminal incidental civil litigation, air pollution compensation, biodiversity, National Parks, etc.

Special Consultant for Old Village Reconstruction

Author: He Yi. Based on the summary of the practical experience of special legal advisory services and litigation services for the old village reconstruction, this book focuses on the combination of laws, regulations, and policies with the practical operation of the old village reconstruction, expounds on each link in the complex old village reconstruction process one by one, and carefully combs the link steps, practical essentials and document templates at each stage of the old village reconstruction, the paper focuses on the in-depth discussion and research on the key and difficult issues from the perspective of developers' legal counsel, in order to provide reference legal operation guidance for the practical work of old village reconstruction. 

Things that relationship can't solve

Author: Zhang Jiajia. Marriage will bring a series of legal consequences, which may create benefits, or it shows that criminal lawyers often see the good side of bad people, and divorce lawyers often see the bad side of good people. Zhang Jiajia, a marriage and family lawyer, teaches you to protect marriage, wealth, relationships, and happiness under legal logic.

If love, like assets, is mobile, then marriage, like an enterprise, needs operation and management. Zhang Jiajia, the author of this book, has worked in court for many years. In a large number of marriage disputes, she keenly captured that most women have no management in marriage, especially the awareness of wealth management, resulting in a lack of initiative and sense of security, and can only bear it passively when there are problems in marriage. This book starts with the modern marriage story of Wang Xifeng and Jia Lian in the classic literary work A dream in Red Mansions and presents Wang Xifeng's epiphany and growth after the marriage crisis.

Essentials in Adjudicating Labor and Personnel Disputes

Chief Editor: TANG Xinbo. It is prepared to deal with the growing number of labor and personnel dispute cases, resolve labor disputes, popularize labor and personnel legal knowledge to the majority of enterprises and institutions and the people, and provide a reference for the majority of legal workers in the handling of labor and personnel dispute cases.

Chinese Securities Market-Regulation and Risk Prevention

It was completed by 13 lawyers from Kangda Law Firm. This book comprehensively analyzes and interprets the theoretical and practical, substantive and procedural issues in the law enforcement of securities administrative supervision from the aspects of securities market misconduct, securities supervision and securities supervision power, securities supervision measures and their legal positioning, administrative punishment and relief measures for securities market misconduct. It is a guiding tool for compliance management and dispute resolution of participants in the securities market, it can also be used as a desk reference for regulatory law enforcement officers and researchers.

Securities Dispute Judgment

Chief Editor: TANG Xinbo. This book carries out the judicial opinion interpretation and case analysis of the 15 common categories of the company securities field and the disputes of listed companies, focusing on the lawyer's view. These arrangements and comments facilitate legal practitioners as well as enterprises and holding companies and leaders and practitioners to be listed to have a deep understanding of the causes, problem solutions and prevention measures. It is the reference book of enterprise operators and practitioners and legal practitioners. It is also a reference book for forensic students' learning.

Corporate Dispute Judgment

Chief Editor: TANG Xinbo. This book takes 23 types of company law litigation disputes as the starting point, and explains and analyzes each kind of dispute in detail. In addition, also for each kind of disputes selected authoritative, guiding and comprehensive people's court guidance cases, communique cases and typical cases, in the form of "judicial view" and "lawyers", summarizes the key points of the case, referee ideas, for professional and non-professional cases to provide comprehensive and accurate reference and effective guidance, for the case of similar cases of judicial judgment also has valuable reference and reference value.

Rationality of Commercial Law

Author: YANG Rongkuan. The content of this book is not the practical summary and analysis of specific cases, nor the concept of doctrinal arrangement, but still firmly pays attention to the overall systematic logic and philosophical expression of commercial law, during the refining and thinking, such as grinding.

Law and Literature Adjacent

Author: YANG Rongkuan. This book integrates law and literature, not only suitable for people with legal, literature related knowledge background to read, but also suitable for the appreciation of readers. This book simply integrates the concept of law into literary creation, and interprets the views of law in a narrative way close to the public, which increases the interest of the law. Among them, there are no lack of famous sentences and warnings, actually for the study of the law attentively. To view the programming and physical construction of the law from the perspective of literature is to open a window to watch the law with literature. This book endows the legal rules and regulations to the humanistic temperature, and combines the perceptual thinking with the rational logic harmoniously, which shows the commonality between law and literature for the readers.

Cross-border Individual Income Tax Lawyer Interpretation

Author: LV Zhihe. This book has both theoretical discussion and case discussion, which is the ideological collision of relevant scholars and practitioners and has certain theoretical value. From the perspective of professional tax lawyers, the current cross-border individual income tax laws and regulations and relevant data, and combined with modern tax and legal theory and individual income tax practical experience, it is highly targeted, professional and practical. This book has three parts of the book, totaling eleven chapters, each chapter is mainly composed in "guest consultation", "lawyer answer questions", "professional extension", "Tax Law Tips".

Duty Crime-Theory and Practice

Author: TANG Xinbo. This book is a senior lawyer to conduct the overall research and summary of duty crime from theory to practice. This book starts from the historical evolution, harm and prevention of duty crimes, and starts the study and discussion of crime composition, common crimes and sentencing of various duty crimes, and is a good summary work.

Fund-raising Crime-Theory and Practice

Author: TANG Xinbo. This book is divided into six chapters: an overview of fund-raising crime, the legislation of fund-raising crime, the harm and prevention of fund-raising crime, the crime composition, the Internet perspective of fund-raising crime-take online lending as an example, the criminal punishment in fund-raising crime. Analyzes the 26 crimes of fund-raising crime, and examines the path of criminal law on fund-raising crime, analyzes the harm of current fund-raising crime, focuses on the composition of fund-raising crime, and discusses the four aspects: subjective, subject, objective and object. According to the current online lending cases with frequent crimes, it is discussed in the special chapter. The latter chapter discusses the punishment of fund-raising crime. The two sections are divided into four chapters. The 26 crimes of fund-raising crime are divided according to different points of crime: preparation fund-raising crime, action fund-raising crime, completion of fund-raising crime, and other types of fund-raising crimes. Each chapter conducts an independent analysis of each crime combined with the case, clarifying the guilt and the composition of an individual crime. Taking the cases in judicial practice as the line, combined with the criminal characteristics of fund-raising crime, to find representative cases, sort out the judgment tendency of the court in determining relevant cases, to provide reference for judicial practice. This part is divided into four chapters: the identification of this crime and another crime, the identification of the crime subject, the distinction, identification and punishment of the principal culprit and the accomplice, and the judicial identification of P2P online lending cases.

Capital Market Dispute Resolution-Analysis of High-Profile Cases

It was completed by more than 20 lawyers from Kangda Law Firm, and the author is senior lawyers and partners engaged in capital market legal services, including litigation and non-litigation, and litigation includes civil litigation, administrative litigation and criminal cases. This book mainly through case analysis, combined with big data, the current dispute resolution cases involved in the capital market hot issues for in-depth and thorough analysis, and provides operational guidance to business people through analysis. The hot disputes of capital market including control in the merger and acquisitions of listed companies, backdoor trading, performance compensation, etc., securities fraud and illegal behavior in the securities market manipulation, false statements and insider trading, etc., equity (private) investment bet clause, private fund disputes and deadlock and other typical behavior of the capital market in the company guarantee, stock pledge, bond expected default, etc.

Legal Analysis and Practice Guidelines for Selected IPO Cases

24 lawyers of Kangda engaged in securities business for personal cases, summary, analyze the documents and review opinions, respectively involves the company establishment and history, sponsors or shareholders, actual controllers, related transactions, peer competition and independence, business and operation, main property, standardized operation and corporate governance, directors, supervisors and senior managers, tax and government subsidies, litigation, arbitration or administrative punishment. Through the inquiry content of the regulator and the reply of the lawyer of the issuer, the problems and solutions that should be noted in the enterprise IPO audit are mainly analyzed.

Kangda Thirty Years Classic Case Collection

The book is a collection of its 30th anniversary. According to different fields, typical hot cases are selected and give lawyers experience in handling cases and key points and legal opinions. The book is divided into 12 parts, such as Securities, Government and Administrative Law Affairs, Insurance, Bank Investment and Asset Management, Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy Liquidation, Corporate Litigation, Real Estate and Construction, Complex Dispute Resolution, Duty Crime Defense, Criminal Defense and Litigation, Execution Procedures, Product quality and food safety, Labor Disputes, Marriage and Infringement, and is written by many leading lawyers in their own cases.

A Lawyer's Perspective on Corporate Governance

Author: ZHANG Li. From a legal perspective, an in-depth analysis was conducted on issues related to corporate governance, citing a large amount of financial and management data, as well as listed companies and litigation cases, comprehensively showcasing the characteristics, problems, and solutions of private and public companies, family enterprises, and state-owned enterprises in corporate governance.

Reading Company Law

Author:ZHANG Li. The author interprets companies and Company Law from a lawyer's perspective. The book has detailed data and case studies, which are easy to understand. In addition to legal issues, it also focuses on 18 internal control measures, corporate governance, equity incentives, corporate culture, and how to make the company go further, reflecting the author's broad perspective.

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